Who We Are

Our commitment to service

We start where you are not only applies to where your accounting is, it also applies to where you are as a business manager and owner. If you are hands on or hands off, whether you’re a savvy reader of financial statements or wouldn’t know a balance sheet from a common size P & L.

When we become a part of your team, our job is to support you by meeting you where you are on your journey as a business owner and/or manager.  

Knowledge, Experience and Skill

Accounting work is based on knowledge. We bring a deep understanding of the discipline of accounting to each engagement. Each team member is QuickBooks certified. Ongoing software training and testing is a part of our company culture. Knowledge about accounting, computer software and systems, business and taxes are built into the services we provide.

Knowledge and experience can only be amplified with skill. Years of learning and doing have yielded skills that bring an intuitive nature to our work.

The experience gained from applying acquired knowledge adds a level of expertise that can only be achieved from years of doing. Multiple years of experience working in an accounting firm serving multiple businesses is an exceptional opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge and experience that enhances everything we do.

Our Team

Vickie Robertson

The owner and founder of Robertson Bookkeeping Solutions, Vickie has been a bookkeeper since 1986 and a QuickBooks user since its inception in the late 1990s. She enjoys the challenge of helping small businesses tackle the accounting challenges that can be a roadblock to success. She is an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, has earned a Professional Accounting certificate from UCSB extension and is a Registered Tax Preparer with the California Tax Education Council. An avid believer in continuing education, she regularly takes advantage of opportunities to learn and grow in her profession.

Steffan Robertson

Steffan Robertson

Possessing a native understanding of computers and computer technology and years of accounting experience couple to provide skills and knowledge to client engagements that are key to success in today’s business environment.

A Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, he continues to make valuable contributions to the business overall and to the clients he helps to serve.

How we work

Our services are provided virtually, from our office in Ojai, California.


As much as we would like it to be, accounting is not entirely a “done for you” service. Information and feedback are important components that affect the quality of the work that we do.

Most communications are through email, however there is nothing like the efficiency of a phone call to clarify, catch up, review and discuss what’s needed. In person meetings are also available for clients within our geographical location. When engaged, we will determine and agree about the best way to receive your feedback so that you will benefit from our best work.


We work in a computerized environment, have implemented an internal paperless workflow and specialize in using software tools and applications to perform and deliver accounting services, communicate with clients and share information. When you engage us, we will determine the information we need and how it will be obtained.

We have expertise with several tools and services that helps us share information. The services we will recommend and use will depend on what we need to know and what we’re tasked to do for your business.