Developing an action plan

The Accounting Quality Review is often the first step toward a future of more efficient accounting procedures, more effective software utilization and more accurate and representative accounting results. Improved accounting results produce more meaningful financial reporting.

We design and/or refine accounting systems and procedures by thinking about the end result of accounting efforts which are the content of reports and financial statements. This information should reflect what you need to know about your business so that you can make informed and intelligent decisions that direct it’s course to success.

We start where you are, but we proceed with the end in mind. We develop a plan of action to implement changes needed to achieve the end result, accounting procedures that capture the details and build reports that focus on what you need to know.

The right tools for the job

We use QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks provides the basics needed to create an accounting record that will generate simple financial statements. Depending on your business and what you need to know, this may be sufficient.

But if you are engaged in manufacturing, sell products, track inventory, sell on a website or Amazon, are in construction or have hourly employees, your accounting procedures and results will likely benefit by adding additional software tools to your accounting process.

Evaluating accounting tools to determine if they will make accounting work more efficient, provide more meaningful information, improve financial reporting and make economic sense are services we provide. We can help find, recommend, evaluate, implement, and manage software tools that will make a difference to your business.

Actionable and meaningful financial statements

Actionable and meaningful financial statements are timely and accurate reports containing information that provides you with insights about your business that help you to make timely, informed and relevant decisions.

Our services produce financial statements that are timely and that correctly reflect accounting protocols. These statements are appropriate for tax reporting purposes and meet the criteria of being Actionable and Meaningful for you and your business.

Or maybe not, your business may need more..

Customized financial reporting

Often QuickBooks reports are inadequate. Using QuickBooks data and additional accounting tools, we can create a vast variety of customized reports and financial statements that reflect many different aspects of business performance.

We want your accounting procedures and practices to yield information that is meaningful to you. We may only be able to get that information from a customized report, an additional service we can provide.