Why Hire Us

We’re Professionals

This is our profession, and we are committed to a continual process of working and learning about business, taxes, technology, bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks. We have no other agenda. This is what we do.

We Have the Staff, Equipment and Expertise

We’ve invested in the hardware and software, the calculators and tools, desks and chairs. We have staff familiar with accounting procedures, QuickBooks and technology. We engage in continuing education programs and maintain certification in a number of professional organizations. We’re focused on problem solving and innovation, always learning, experimenting and looking for a more efficient way to do this work.

We Offer Remote Services

We can provide all of our services wherever you are, using remote access tools such as Team Viewer, Citrix, GoToMyPC and others. If you’ve got a question or problem that needs to be addressed, we can set up a remote session to help you resolve it. Think of it: No need to share resources, invest in additional equipment or provide additional work space. These tools make it easier and save you money.

We Provide Support That’s Flexible, Fits Your Needs and Can Save You Money

I know from my own experience that working as a small-business bookkeeper can be isolating. The fees charged by most tax preparers and CPAs often discourage asking these professionals for bookkeeping and accounting help. There are times when your needs are best served by the expertise of your tax professional. But when you have a bookkeeping or QuickBooks question, you may not need to call in the big guns. Our services are flexible and we can help you when you need it—at a lower rate than your CPA or tax professional.

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